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Lasertom & The Blast Crew - Two Sides EP
12" Vinyl
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Lasertom & The Blast Crew

Two Sides EP


Released: 23rd May 2011 | 3 track nu-disco ep
Next up on the good ship Bear is a brand new artist. One we think is headed onto big things. We are pretty lucky to be putting out his first single to be honest. Lasertom and his Blast Crew are from sunny Dublin. They make laid-back, slo-mo disco with real instruments (bass, guitar, brass) in a style which just oozes quality. Their debut three tracker EP has a theme running through it.. yup, its all about sides. First up is a riff you may well know from Trevor Horn and FGTH. They take ithe tribe groove slow it down and strip the groove back. Using just the riff from the famous 80's monster hit they cunningly carve out Two Sides as their sultry opener. Next up By My Side enlists the help of the handily associated brass section. Shuffling grooves, stabby horns and muted picked guitar are the order of the day. It's a perfect one for those early DJ-set appetizing sections. To round things off we tone it down even further with the beautiful By My Side. Subtle tones, lazy keys and a smouldering groove. When the keys kick in during the last minute it's a glorius and sublime treat. Stay tuned for more sides.
"Smouldering slo-mo grooves, liking By My Side best"
Russell Deeks - IDJ
"Quality stuff, could probably give Parlour a run for their money !"
Chris Duckenfield
"This is brilliant! I love all of them."
Max Essa
"Some beautiful slo-mo disco here, FGTH or not! I'll be playing these a lot."
Bruce Tatum -Time Out NYC
"really like these"
Erol Alkan
"love it!"
Serge Santiago