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Clap Rules - The Golden Remixes
12" Vinyl
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Clap Rules

The Golden Remixes


Released: 27th August 2012 | 4 track nu-disco ep

Bearfunk and Clap Rules have commissioned a blinding collection of remixes of their exemplary 2011 album, 'Golden Hands.' Perfect for the spring time, it features edits from In Flagranti, Mock and Toof, Daniel Maloso and the mighty Emperor Machine all wrapped up on a heavyweight 12.

We kick off with In Flagranti's mix of 'Oh Uibè;' it's a melancholic upbeat workout of the original, articulated with percussive scrapes and washes of vintage chords. Watch out for the crazy sample-laden breakdown in the middle. Pure madness, and we love it.

Next up on the A-Side we've got 'Fantasmi,' reworked by London's Mock & Toof. Having done the duties for The Juan Maclean, Hot Chip and the Scissor Sisters, we were dizzy with anticipation for this one and we were not disappointed. The buildup is strong and dark, and when it drops you're hit by flourishes of calculated synth work and vocoded phrases over a solid, solid bassline.

Now to the B-Side, and Daniel Maloso of Mexico delivers his interpretation of 'Pericoloso.' He goes in with a classic detuned arpeggiator, keeping all limbs in the vehicle for a lean, mean nu-disco workout. the vocal edits from the original switch up the melodic motifs giving the whole track a bold contemporary vibe.

To finish, 'Silver Mountains' gets the Emperor Machine treatment. It's low and slow, and just builds and builds with colourful vocal treatments, silky melodic synth runs and a cosmic funk bassline that cuts right through. Complete with some stunning artwork, we hope you enjoy this package as much as we do!