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Peter Visti - Love Is The Key
CD Album
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Peter Visti

Love Is The Key


Released: 25th April 2011 | 8 track nu-disco album
Our man Peter was born and bred in Denmark. He first cut the mustard in the late 80's and early 90's as a DJ, Producer and Club Promoter at many of the cooler venues around Europe, spreading Disco and Balearic love, and his fearsome reputation, the world over. Aside from the odd meeting at gigs we formalized our adoring musical relationship with Mr Visti when, in 2010, we released his and Meyland's self titled debut - Visti and Meyland. It turned out to be one of the most successful albums from the house-of-Bear to date. Not but a year later, when the stunning solo affair Love Is The Key turned up, we needed no persuasion. Peter's love of obscure disco and house shows in this solo album - wide ranging influences have gone into the musical hot-pot. Take the Slo-mo lazy groove of lead track and opener Love Is The Key. This sets the sonic palette, laid back, underground and understated (but cucumber cool) throughout. Deliberately absent are the commercial and pseudo-poppy sounds from the Visti and Meyland 2010 debut. This record is a club affair, less in your face and more all around you. For example Lost In Space is one part elastic groove, one part melodious, enveloping ambience and one part progressive disco groove. Tracks such as I'm Out The Door, Bubble Bubble and Drinking In Darkness are more direct, straight dance floor booty-shaking grooves. As is what you would expect from the man who has DJ stamped firmly into his DNA. Yes chaps and chap-esses - sit back and savour the flavour from head-DJ-chef Peter Visti. LOVE Is the Key.
"I like Be A Vise Man the most, great LP for sure"
Jacques Renault
"great LP! Standouts are I'm Out The Door & Drinking In Darkness - full support"
Steve Yanko
"!! absolutly love this ! Visti is amazing ! will hammer on the show."
Thomas Tuft
"excellent release, full of the funk, loving drinking in the darkness"
Craig Alder
"Lovely Tunes"
Tom Findlay
"Great album. So many killer tracks."
Damon Martin
"Lost In Space rocks!"
William Bottin