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Tobor Experiment Disco Experience - Tobor Experiment Disco Experience
CD Album
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Tobor Experiment Disco Experience

Tobor Experiment Disco Experience


Released: 6th June 2011 | 12 track nu-disco album
The word genius is not a term we like to use loosely when speaking about our artists but Giorgio Sancristoforo aka Tobor Experiment fits the bill. A gifted musician, soft synth designer, found sound pioneer and he still finds time to make forward thinking disco pop for Bearfunk as Tobor Experiment Disco Experience

After a well received EP in 2008 we sent Giorgio back to the studio with the remit to make an LP so special that it could open new doors for us. Well he certainly delivered! Opening with the sweet modern disco sounds of Postcards from a Nervous Breakdown we then get the first taste of Giorgio's song writing prowess with Breathe a rather intense little number.

Next up is What is it like be there a cauldron of vocoder and clavinets which easily be mistaken for a long lost collaboration between Air & Daft Punk. David Bowie's seminal Station to Station gets covered and reworked into the most beautiful rendition of the Thin White Duke's classic we've ever heard.

The wigged out instrumentals of Guitar Voodoo I feel Loved are yet more reasons to fall in love with the sound of Tobor Experiment the sound which is bold retro and full of life. The faultless Shivers and Easy Pretender are yet again more genius moments with so much detail and authenticity, Disco Moog and Gamma Gamma are included from the first EP and we end with the tropical synths of Silvie a sumptuous score and beautiful ending to this groundbreaking LP.

"No doubt, this is the best releases I heard for months !!!! this is totally superb electronic disco. love it so much. for me one of the top 3 records 2011 (don't know the two other ones yet)"
Markus Breidbach,
"As always quality disco from the ever excellent Bear Funk label!"
"That's is really a great work. 5 of 5"
DJ Enne
"Liking this a lot! A quality musician on a quality label."
Jon Carter