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Various Artists - Rools For Rules 2
CD Album
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Various Artists

Rools For Rules 2


Released: 5th September 2011 | 15 track nu-disco album
Bearfunk bring the second coming of Rools For Rules with the leanest selection of nu-disco around, mixed meticulously by the infamous Fabrizio Mammarella of Clap Rules.

Opening with the spookily ambient 'Witches Crew' (Master Suspiriorum Version) by Blakula, we're lead into a false sense of mystical security, only to be blast open with the swung funk of Soiree's 'Overgroomed.' Social Disco Club & Maia's 'The Way You Move' (Diskjokke Retromix) follows, thundering forward with a poignant chord progression and synth switch-ups.

Visti & Meyland's 'Stars' (Rodion & Marmarella Mix) is cued up next, pushing its stocky bass-line into the fore. 'Fluffy Amadeus' by Fillipsson & Ulysses blends next, bringing with it crystalline textures and hypercolour pads. Ronda brings an air of nostalgia with the analogue vibes in 'Folana,' stripped back swiftly with the percussive patterns of Peter Visti's funky 'Drinking In Darkness.'

The mix then takes a turn skyward with the plucked bass and twitching filters of John Daly's remix of Max Essa's 'Back To The Beach.' We're brought down to earth with the sun-soaked bongo minimalism of Loggaphon's 'Tropical Research Centre,' then the 808 makes an appearance in an equally afro-rhythmic production from Ilija Rudman.

The 'Bar Mix' of Roberto Auser & Alden Tyrell's 'Blondes & Brunettes' is like the warped soundtrack to a 1970's spy film, which slinks into the shadows beneath the bubbling bass plods of 'Hot Ring' by Kotey and Bottin. Roberto Auser soon returns with 'Acid Test,' documenting a science experiment gone wrong. To finish we're served a showdown of uptempo disco bombs. Firstly, the driving fuzz Free Disco's 'The Kelp Man,' followed by 'Postcards From A Nervous Breakdown' by Tobor Experiement Disco Experience, which closes the mix in style with its epic chords and sugary funk.
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"Great Summer Mix!"
40 Thieves