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The Diaphanoids - Astral Weekends
CD Album
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The Diaphanoids

Astral Weekends


Released: 27th October 2008 | 11 track pop album
Hello Earthlings. From the netherland of the cosmos, here come The Diaphanoids. With a bizarre and mind-boggling musical background (junk rock, alternative library music for TV, song writing for Luciano Pavarotti, Blackbox and many techno-house releases during the nineties, orchestral composers, arrangers, producers), yours truly psychonauts will deliver their own unique blend of lunar funkadelia + spaced-out disco + astro rock + galactic soul + confuzed boogie + congotronics + krautgrooves + seventies' soundtracks, with titles like excerpts from trashy XYZ series psi/sci-fi movies. Their debut album Astral Weekends is released on Stevie Kotey's label Bearfunk. So turn your dream machine on, get off your psychic asses and start walking on the laser's edge... Up close you can smell real good: analogue bubble sounds, tone floaters, motorik-mekanik grooves, uncontrolled floods of de-tuned vintage synthesizers moog modular-Yamaha cs 80-arp 2600-arp sequencer-Roland synths-arp omni 2-eminent-ems aks-oberheim-mellotron-jx 3p-jx 8p-juno, vcs 3 synthesizer, prepared piano, modified revox a77 tape recorder...), banshee-like Frippertronics guitars, phosphorent drums + glaxo bass, spectral she-muses... All aboard the space train captained by tin pac-men, from toy planets. 1972-1977-1978-1979-1980/// Berlin-Munich-London-Paris-New York...we've seen the best minds of those generations crisped and motherfunked by the active oxidants of brainium zythernitrate. The Diaphanoids (visible division) are: Andrea Bellentani and Simon Maccari. No aliens or humans have been harmed during these recordings. We're so silver...what about you? Support comes from Padded Cell: 'The stuff is sounding fantastic. I am really enjoying it. On first listen my favorites are 'What the fuck do you want...' (feels like a 21st century style 'War of the Worlds', very filmic) and Escape from Martius (a relentless powerful groove. Definitely one for the dancefloor). The LP takes you on a journey'. Greg Wilson: 'What The Fuck and Pretty Radiant seem to fit my groove. Nice stuff overall.' Robin Lee (Faze Action): 'It's psychedelic galactic zythernitrate trip music. It's big. It's very big. It's gargantuan soundscapes filled with phosphorent, botanical gardens and monochrome fittings. In other words. It's my kind of music.' Laurent Garnier: 'Great music indeed.' Rob Mello: 'What the funk is the cut for me here. Haven't heard something as weird and wonderful as this for a while.' Todd Burns (Resident Advisor, eMusic): 'Sounds Interesting.' Danny Howells: 'This sounds awesome. Thank you!!' Philip Sherburne: 'One serious release... Deep, sensual, rousing. A little bit nutty. Love it.' Vice Mag France: 'Splendid Stuff!' Makossa: 'Great stuff, Will play in one of my next radio shows full support from Vienna.' Ross Holland (XLR8R Magazine): 'Finally a solid full-length of cosmic - These guys aren't screwing around. They own this sound.' Blackbelt Anderson: 'Great stuff. Proper psychedelic disco vibes... Especially liking Mermaids and Pretty Radiant. The latter title is actually a good description of the album!' Dirtyhaze: 'Dope tracks! Weightless Motionless = my favourite. HOT! Good luck on the release.