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Max Essa - Won Ton Sunset
CD Album
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Max Essa

Won Ton Sunset


Released: 12th August 2013 | 12 track nu-disco album

Dropping back in from its journey through the sky, Max Essa has delivered the follow up album from his recent release 'Won Ton Sunrise'. Aptly named 'Won Ton Sunset' this album re-routes the subtle sophistication that is the creativity of Mr Essa via a selection of hand picked remixes and reworks.

Max Essa made his debut as a producer on the legendary Warp Records label in 1993. Throughout the '90s he went on to make records for many of the seminal house music labels of the era including Paperecordings, D.i.Y Discs/Strictly 4 Groovers and D-Vision in Italy. During this period he DJ'd at clubs such as the Hacienda in Manchester, Heaven In London as well as The End-Up in San Francisco and numerous parties in the U.K and Europe. In 2005 Max started working with the London based label, Bear Funk. Since then he has produced two solo LP's and two collaboration LP's with label boss, Stevie Kotey. Since 2008 Max has been living in Japan and is a regular guest DJ at Tokyo clubs such as Loop, Eleven and Seco Bar. In 2010 he started his own record label called Jansen Jardin. Over the last couple of years Max has been kept busy remixing at a furious rate for labels such as Leng, Disques Sinthomme, Miso Records and Catune (Japan). 2012 also saw the release of a wonderful 4 track EP for Valley Sound entitled M.O.D.F.D.M.V, the Jan Ken Po LP on Nang and a 2nd Soiree LP, 'Let's Play Tennis', recorded with Stevie Kotey and released through Bear Funk.

So to the release: Opening up the orbital return you are introduced to 'Last Chance For Love (Sand Dune Mix)' which with its gentle rolling soul, cushions your being and begins your introduction into dusk. Next we have 'Coast To Coast (Heading East)' which lightens the dusky tones with blissed out pads and perky guitar riffs, you are already being drawn into the orange tones of warmth from this sunset. 'Stupid Smile (Sunset Party Dub)' gears you up for the party vibes that are the natural friend of the sunset, catchy vocals and bouncing melodies entice you into a more mobile style and tease that dance floor flow. The journey continues with 'Unstoppable (Extended Instrumental Mix)' which boasts the cosmic genius contrasted to a western twist, all the time maintaining the melodic bounce that Mr Essa does so smoothly.

'Asleep At The Wheel (Sunset Mix)' follows a similar repetoire to that of 'Unstoppable' with its filtered pad and vocal drifting through the mix, encompassing your ears with a style that is only found from Max. Brightening up the album, we have the new 12 mix of 'Won Ton Sunrise' adding some shine and glimmers of early morning party vibes, a great take on the orignal. Keeping it light and breezy, 'Life Times' rolls out some up beat, gittery synth lines that give you that livener you've been anticipatiing from the ever setting sun. Switching it up you now move back to the old school realms of 70s disco but with the cosmic twist, 'Cactus Time Frame (Jingumae Version)' gets you moving with a slight funk in your step and a groove in your shoulders.

Always keeping you on your toes, Max now drops the tempo down for 'Take My Hand (Sunset Mix)', getting into a more twisted element, this electro down-beat bops through the speakers with a hint of an arabian twist. 'Trust The Wind (Long Version)' then pushes the extended patterns and roles effortlessly through the mix and into the now fading sun. The music now begins to round down and the sun is nearly set, 'Back To Blue (Den-en- Toshi Narcolepsy Mix)' pulses out of the speakers and gives you a tweak of euphoric bliss with its contrasted pumping synths and shining pads. 'Fifth Of The Eighth (Extnd Version) now greets the sunset with open arms and gives the final blast of warmth and body to a cracking album and great follow up.

"Nice collection, I like Max' work and this seems to be perfect for the summer."
"Amazing new revision of a great album, pefect sounds for the summer..... great album"
Como Las Grecas Blog
"Trippy gorgeous feelings"
Billy Bogus, Nang
"Yep! Max does it again!....."
Pete Herbert
"ON REPEAT :) This is pretty effing great, like the album !!!"
Pathaan, Globetronica
"Max Essa always makes great music, thumbs up!!!"
Disco Doubles