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The Caribbean House - Billy Bogus Presents the Caribbean House
Vinyl LP

The Caribbean House

Billy Bogus Presents the Caribbean House


Released: 13th July 2018 | 8 track nu-disco album

The Caribbean House is a new Billy Bogus project. It's the perfect meld of creepy atmospheres, sunset grooves, analog sensibilities and incessant rhythms. Bogus leads this collective formed by Federico Bologna (Ohmega Tribe, Technogod) and Cristiano Santini (Disciplinatha, Dish-Is-Nein,). This triumvirate of 90's underground Italian masterminds come from the world of electronica, noise rock and psychedelia. Here they all combine to rise again rise and unite to create something entirely new.

And so to the music. Their debut LP opens up with the dark and haunting Night Drive. Recent single Gong Bong is next. It is one part slo-mo disco, one part psychedelic moondance and one part sci-fi horror movie. If the first two thirds of the track is a caterpillar then the last third is a butterfly as uplifting riffs and swirls of layered keys bring things to a crescendo. Lonely Man is a quirky detuned monster tour-de-force which leads nicely into Love By Proxy. Layered keys and intertwined arpeggios mingle to create the closest thing to a love song possible from this trio.

Flip the vinyl over for a hippy drive with Jesus Freaks and its groovy guitar licks and white noise synth blasts. Nature Nature is all about the pulsing bass guitar and sample like guitar stabs before heading completely off-piste for a synth-bass ending. Africa Addio presents us with meandering synth lines before layering on a waft of sound effects and spooky keys. Movie territory. We close off the LP with the Streets Like Noodles. New wave NYC chic meets underground Italy psych.