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The Bank - Upper Class
Vinyl LP
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The Bank

Upper Class


Released: 29th October 2012 | 8 track nu-disco album

The Bank is a trio comprising of Francesco Brini, Domenico Loparco and Emanuele Zullo. Seriously good musician's with a love of afro & dub. These guys tour the world as the backing band for the acclaimed American singer / songwriter Jeff Jones. Brini has already built up an impressive catalogue of music himself, recording as Frank Agrario for Prins Thomas's Internasjonal and also as a drummer for electronic pioneers Swayzak.

After a heavy storm broke around Jeff's Lake Tahoe hideout, it was soon clear that they wouldn't be hitting the road anytime soon. This was a key moment in the construction of The Bank. They spent the time researching, sketching out ideas and extracting every last piece of funk from their fingers and thumbs. The Bank is drenched in vintage recording techniques but with an updated production that can satisfy any dance floor.

Lagos Tahoe sounds like Peter King jamming with Titanic but produced by The Bank. City Of The Dead touches the dub switch with a polite ska rhythm that calls on hypnotic vocals which remind us of 80's band Maximum Joy. The Snatch & Chic Disco are like funk bullets bouncing off the streets of Manhattan, Zombie Nation has a punky sharp synth bass that cuts through like a diamond encrusted blade. Fishsticks is the low slung funk bomb which would make Donald Byrd proud.

All together these new Bearfunk signings have made a very raw undiluted LP. They are custodians of their own sound which is heavily influenced by their influences. It's time to cash that cheque at The Bank.

"'Really enjoying Winka Wonka and Lagos Tahoe!'"
"'Far from a predictable release from Bear Funk… sounding good so far''"
Russell Deeks, This Is Why We Dance Blog
"'Wow! Loving the Afro-dub-reggae-disco-whatever sound of this one. And nice to hear an actual band now and then! Really loving this.'"
Bruce Tatum, Timeout NYC
"'Lovely album, especially loving the sunny vibes of Lagos Tahoe and Afro Sundays!'"
Blackbelt Anderson, Full Pupp
"'I was waiting for this! Review to follow... '"
Christian Zingales, Blow Up Magazine
"'Reviewing in August / Sept issue'"
Giorgio Valetta, DJ Mag Italia