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Milk Bred Recordings

Released: 5th October 2018 | 4 track electronic ep

The Milk Bred EP is Fopchu's first album, a 4-song suite that fuses the ebullience of the past with the frenzied energy of the future, where instruments of yore marry blips of control voltage in New Delhi's extreme weather to forge something entirely new, entirely Fopchu.The difference, you ask, between the debut Fopchu record and Katy Perry shooting fireworks out of her flame-proof dress? There was absolutely no reason for the latter.

"Nice EP. I do like the diversity."
Grzly Adams, #backtothetracksagain
Nathan Jonson, Hrdvsion/Wagon Repair/2020 Vision
"beatz1 is my kind, nice & gritty shit!"
truenoys, A/T/O/S
"supporting this. thanks for the share"
DJ MoCity, Host of motellacast
"Favourite is Roomie Blues"
Amrisha, Netil Radio
"Very nice indeed"
Arjun Vagale, ODD / Drumcode
"Really solid release and I absolutely love the artwork!"
Madhav Shorey / Kohra, Qilla Records
"I love the production value of these tracks. The arrangements are robust and the melodies are catchy. Evokes a feeling of positivity as i lay on my bed trying to eat my breakfast. Fav track - Beatz1"
Dharam Intwala, Podcast
"Chapel O Fapalop ... .wow wow wow .. bravo super groovy and deep"
Adrien, Deep Klassified