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Nigella - Self Titled EP
CD Album


Self Titled EP

Big Head

Released: 4th March 2016 | 6 track southern rap/hip-hop ep

Gerry Read launches his own label 'Big Head' with a limited CD debut by producer Nigella.

'Self Titled' is 6 tracks of unadulterated, bloody thirsty hip hop/bass music, sounding like Lil Wayne's beat maker putting a wet fork into a live toaster.

Featuring sample acapellas from a selection of crunk as fuck rappers, self titled EP is an futuristic and rampant take on the popular US hip hop sound.

words from Nigella - 'My EP will take you on an unflinching and ultimately healing journey, through shadowed land of despair where most abandon all hope.

There we find a strange light shines, and in that light we can discern what is otherwise invisible. I teach us how to see in the dark.'

"Fucking loving this.Will play on my radio show.Great music Jon! Sorry i got wasted and let you down last time in Berlin. I have matured now, honest! Sounds like jungle to me this EP."
Red Rackem, Bergerac
"Fuck what the hell is this?!?!??! Looovee that crazy shit !"
Laurent Garnier, DJ
"Wow. Horrendous in the best way"
Lanre Bakare, The Guardian
"Not really my cup of tea, but I do respect the absolute batshit crazy mentalness of all the tunes from an artistic point of view"
Phaeleh, DJ
"Wonderfully chaotic and vibesy"
Tayo, Various