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Full Spectrum - My Amusement

Full Spectrum

My Amusement

Bass Gun Records

Released: 31st March 2008 | 5 track beats & breaks ep
Full Spectrum aka Nick Byrne has gained a good reputation from his previous releases on WIDE & Digital Distortions. His main influences are his brother (drum and bass producer Sonic), the Norfolk free party scene & computer games. His productions are noted for their intense sub-bass and furious, tough electro beats; capable of tearing up any sound system that dare play them. My Amusement is the perfect marriage of drum and bass sounds, computer game fx and dance floor devastation. DJ support for his productions have come from Baobinga, Forest Green (USA), SmashBack, Paul Blackford, DJ Cutlass Supreme and Teutonic Kaboom. Tracks from the E.P have been played on Alta Ego radio, and there will be reviews in DJ mag, Mixmag and in the near future.
"...pure driving warehouse robot-funk with five sub-bass-laced mixes. 4/5"
Joe Muggs, Mixmag
"Producing dark, underground electro can be a drag-unless, you augment it with melancholy chords and quirky acid lines 3.5/5"
Richard Brophy, DJ Mag