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Tom Drummond - Doing Damage EP
12" Vinyl
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Tom Drummond

Doing Damage EP

Big M Productions

Released: 18th March 2013 | 4 track beats & breaks ep

Hey people out there,

The next floor monster has landed on our planet BigM
Productions. With the Doing Damage EP, Tom Drummond
delivers a 12 vinyl gem, containing four peak time
bombs in the slower breakbeat range. Dirty, rough,
nasty and full force dropping them into your face,
doing that high quality damage to your synapses so
you can't resist to get your hip shaking. Have a try!

A01) Tom Drummond - Doing Damage
Oldschool breakbeats leading into a modern bassline
driven hot as hell synth inferno, melting some cool
and dry vocaling on top - damage perfect!

A02) Tom Drummond - Move it
A bit more relaxed and spacey reggae based breaker
with a serious punch of bassline, huge vocaling and
great detailed synth works.

B01) Tom Drummond - Funk Soul Banger
Speeding up a bit and getting more funk focused this
golden disco breakbeat mashup power jam in the modern
coat tells what's it about, about you funk soul
brothers out there.

A01) Tom Drummond - Shake it right
Finally a serious stomper kicking your ass hard for
intense grooving, with bass power and vocs, leaving
you finally crazy through a storm of synths.