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Biosphere - Cirque



Biophon Records (Norway)

Released: 5th February 2007 | 11 track ambient album

Following the successful release on Ash International, 'Cho Oyu 8201m' by Geir Jenssen, Touch is reissuing the classic 'Cirque' by Biosphere, originally issued in 2000. Here, the shifting world of 'Substrata' is fused with the liquid electronic rhythms of Biosphere's earlier work. The outcome is almost addictive - layers of detail revealing themselves as you listen and appreciate the convergences deep within the music, between classical and pop, the soundtrack and its voiceover. CIRQUE is inspired in part by the story of Chris McCandless, who in April 1992 hitchhiked to Alaska and walked alone into the wilderness, only to be found dead four months later having made a tragic error with his food supply. CIRQUE reflects this idealism, but also the danger lurking in paradise. The music plays like a film, one scene dissolving into the next. Codas pinpoint the action like spotlights, and location recordings weave in and out of the sound giving it the dramatic tension of a great documentary. There is nothing old-fashioned, however, in the outcome. CIRQUE is future music. Cinema for the spirit.