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Biosphere - Shenzhou



Biophon Records (Norway)

Released: 27th May 2002 | 12 track ambient album

RE-PRESS - THIS HAS BEEN OUT OF STOCK FOR SOME TIME... Shenzou is Biosphere's (Geir Jenssen) third release for Touch. Biosphere's early releases for R&S are often quoted, along side 'The Orb' and 'The Aphex Twin', as the starting point of the Ambient explosion of the early '90s. The strong sales of Biosphere's more recent releases on Touch demonstrates his loyal fan base. Geir, who hails from Tromso, (Northern Norway, inside the Artic Circle) has contributed music to the movie The Mothman Prophecies, (starring Richard Gere), and numerous independent features. His work has been used extensively on European TV and for theatre and dance. He tours regularly with the highly successful Touch 2001+ tour, which has just sold out the Pompidou Centre in Paris. Shenzou is based on the orchestral work of Claude Debussy. Shenzou comes in a digipack format, with cover photography and design by John Wozencroft. Selected Discography: Substrata 2 [Touch # TO:50, 2001] Cirque [Touch # TO:46, 2000] Insomnia [Indigo, 1997] Substrata [All Saints, 1997] Patashnik [R&S, 1994] Microgravity [R&S, 1991] What they said about Cirque and Substrata 2: 'To call Substrata a good album is an understatement. It has been described as one of the finest Ambient albums of the Nineties. As far as I'm concerned you can scrub out the bit about the Nineties...' [] 'Lucid dreaming in the form of sound, immense and grandiose in its scope' [XLR8R, USA] ' of the most beautiful ambient albums ever recorded' [Other Music, USA] ' is the textures, gentle beats, chilled out samples that give Biosphere's music such a unique atmosphere.' [The Sheffield Telegraph, UK] 'Cirque is one of the finest pieces of chill-out music to come out in years.' [Exclaim, Canada]'