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Biosphere - Autour de la Lune


Autour de la Lune

Biophon Records (Norway)

Released: 16th August 2004 | 9 track ambient album

THIS ITEM HAS BEEN OUT OF STOCK FOR A YEAR. A LIMITED RE-RESS BACK IN STOCK - Widely regarded as one of Norwegian electronic music's most important artists. - Biosphere's [Geir Jenssen] career spans nearly two decades, six albums, lots of remixes, various sound installations, commissions, soundtracks and even the odd Himalayan summit. - This is Biosphere's most expansive work to date. - - Artwork by one of Norway's most prominent visual artists Tor-Magnus Lundeby. - - One of the most definitive homage to the space age along side Brian Eno's 'Apollo' recordings. AUTO DE LUNA: Biosphere was commission by the Radio France Culture and with access to their archives. It was the early 60s dramatisation of Jules Verne's 'De la Terre à la Lune' that totally captivated him. In 1865 French radical writer Jules Verne penned the visionary 'De la terre à la lune? 'sFrom the Earth to The Moon?). Verne was fascinated with adventure and his writings revealed extravagant voyages to which cleverly prepared scientific and geographical details lent an air of verisimilitude, yet his books were rejected by publishers on the ground that they were 'too far out'. He began writing librettos for operettas, and for some years his attentions were divided between the theater and work. Written in the nineteenth century, Verne managed to describe a manned space flight of astronauts launched from Florida and returning from space to land in the Pacific Ocean'a reality seen some 100 years later. Jensen sampled bits and pieces of the dialogue, coupled it with sounds recorded at the MIR space station and then incorporated into his own compositions. His composition was broadcast at Le Festival de Radio France in Montpellier. Still fascinated in Verne's work, Jenssen completed 'Autour de la Lune', a 74 minute symphony made up of nine 'movements'. The propulsive opening sequence 'translation' gives way to the cross-talk and scrambled communications of 'rotation' and 'modifié', before the listener is enveloped in a dense and seemingly endless space (the sound of zero gravity?). For more information go to: Read interview about the commissioning of his piece: For more information on Tor-Magnus Lundeby go to: Biosphere CDs till available: TO:55 Shenzhou TO:50 Substrata 2 TO:46 Cirque'