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Mawglee - The Out of Luck EP
12" Vinyl
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The Out of Luck EP

Bastard Jazz Recordings

Released: 14th March 2005 | 4 track ep
After a slammin? year of releases in 2004, the New Year finds Brooklyn's Bastard Jazz Recordings springing forward and dropping our favorite, and most diverse 12' to date. 'The Out Of Luck EP ' comes from Brighton's Mawglee, whose previous release, 'the Salt Water EP ', on Tru Thoughts Recordings is a perennial favorite of many a Bastard Jazz DJ. Needless to say, we're excited to have him on board. Remixes this time around come from Austrian duo Ed Royal + Enne, whose mid-tempo breakbeat workouts on their own Innvision imprint have been turning heads lately, and from NYC mainstay Zeb (aka the Pleb & Spy from Cairo) who's recorded for such labels as Turntables on the Hudson, Irma, Codek, Stoned Asia and Wonderwheel. 'Out Of Luck' is a funky, quirky midtempo track with lusty guitar riffs, a big drum break, and crackling, timeworn vocal samples; while 'Sofa' is a brilliant piece of temperamental downtempo: jumping from classical to dub to opera, all under the guise of a thick, chugging bassline and drums. Ed Royal + Enne's remix of 'Out Of Luck' heads into jazz-dance territory, with a monster drum break, live congas, and a Rhodes solo; while Zeb takes his mix of 'Sofa' deep into hypnotic dub territory with it's pulsing bass and delayed keys. A true outerspace sleeper.'
"After a few outings on Tru Thoughts Mawglee provides some choice material for New York's Finest, Bastard Jazz. So Out Of Luck kicks off with a tasty funk guitar lick, sweet piano and string samples and chunky bass and drums round a Jim Morrison-like vocal. The Ed Royal and Enne Remix adds proper B-Boy bongo breaks along with some groovy organ and synth work. Sofa rolls along in a Fifties jazz and exotica mode before dropping a great classical vocal sample. Zeb's Hear My Cry Mix takes it rootsical dubwise for a really satisfying skank."
Richard E, Feedback
"Mawglee infuses the cinematic 'sofa' with crisp drums, pizzicato strings, and Omen-esque choirs"
Urb Magazine