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Hydroponic Soundsystem - Uptown Shakedown EP
12" Vinyl
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Hydroponic Soundsystem

Uptown Shakedown EP

Bastard Jazz Recordings

Released: 24th July 2006 | 5 track ep
Yes Ayah! The Dallas duo better known as Hydroponic Soundsystem have returned for a stateside Bastard Jazz 12' release after a couple of big records and a full length album on the well regarded Swedish Brandy label.. Hydroponic Soundsystem is a musical collective spearheaded by the production team of Skin and Rube, along with a revolving cast of vocalists, MC's, and musicians. Their debut CD, Routine Insanity was released through Def Jam/Universal and made several year end Top 10 Lists. XLR8R likened it to '3 Feet High & Rising' and 'It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back.' Hydro's gone on to produce a number of full lengths, compilations and singles for their own Alternate Take imprint, as well as additional production and remix work for the likes of or JT Donaldson, Azeem, Ocote Soul Sounds, The Polyphonic Spree, Nike, and the Dallas Mavericks among others. Now, on their first Bastard Jazz release, The Uptown Shakedown EP, Hydro hurdles expectations and delivers right where you want it dropped off : midtempo sounds meet Jamaican chat meet analogue afro boogie meet downtempo funk meet the big, booming dusty breaks we've all come to know and love the boys for...all on one tasty slab of well-seasoned wax. The title cut, 'Uptown Shakedown' is a voracious midtempo romp with a hard hitting drum break, a deeply sunken synthesized bassline, and toasted ragga-style workout vocals from frequent Hydro collaborator Grand Supreem. It's a cut to straight murder a floor, having already lit up plenty of dances across the US and UK in early CD-R tests. Also included on the A-Side is a dub of 'Uptown Shakedown', still bringing fire on to the dancefloor through the echo chamber and bits of the vocal sample swirling in and out of the track. On the flip, 'Heat', Hydro delivers a dusted uptempo re-work of a traditional African arrangement, complete with a huge, gritty breakbeat, a saxophone solo and plenty of stops and changeups. Next up, 'Beats for Mbenga' is an uptempo dancefloor-inspired cut with an infectious bassline under a big disco break, warped vocal snippets and tasteful synth action. Lastly, rounding out the EP is 'Disco Illumination', a downtempo cut driven by a cosmic Rhodes, a vintage Moog-esque lead, freshly scrubbed drums and rhythm guitar. A lovely way to round out the EP. 'If the Uptown Shakedown EP was a pancake, it would be rolling along it's edges up a hill with a big smile on both sides instead of laying flat on plate and getting eaten. In other words, you can't stand still and listen to this. It deserves to be danced to.' -Bobbito aka DJ Cucumber Slice / NYC ' 5 out of 5. Wicked! Playing it Everywhere' -Ursula1000 (ESL Music) 'HSS bring a nice plate of 'dub 'n roll' to the downbeat massiv. As claimed in the song, they're most definitely certified by the association of all things wikked! To be played when: DJ is in need of being on the midtempo crushdown.' -RE:Up Magazine 'Hydroponic Sound System coming with the Reggae Funk Sound! May be our favorite slice of Bastard Jazz yet.' -Fort Knox Five, DC-USA 'The new group of the decade Thank u hydroponic sound system for keep the real shit alive. You got a fan for life.' -dj jazzy jeff'