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The Magic Fly - Champion Mushroom EP

The Magic Fly

Champion Mushroom EP

Bastard Jazz Recordings

Released: 22nd October 2007 | 4 track beats & breaks ep
After a number of mash-up white label releases bumping dancefloors all over the UK and beyond, Bastard Jazz is proud to introduce the original music of our newest artist, The Magic Fly, aka Rob Watson. With an interest in synthesizers and electronic music from an early age, Rob combined his love of bleeps and passion for Jamaican Reggae to create The Magic Fly sound. This highly original sound takes the clinical precision and beauty of Kraftwerk and blends it with the infectious funky skank and outer space craziness of Lee Scratch Perry's productions. Rob is on a constant one-man mission for magical noises and vocals, which he sources from charity shop vinyl, podcasts, text to speech, tv, radio, vocoders, acapellas, hypnotherapy sessions, spoken word, retro-futuristic films, self improvement recordings, reggae 45's and binaural field recordings. The Champion Mushroom EP is a romp of a record that truly captures what The Magic Fly sound is all about. Starting off things is Champion Mushroom, a monster dub-disco-breakbeat track that manages to source out original Jamaican deejay vocals and mash them into a hilarious Bill Hicks sample, all while keeping the dancefloor burning with it's infectious bassline and driving beat. Following that up is Thinking Toy, a downtempo dub reggae cut that sounds like something the Upsetters could have cut in the early 70's, with a retro futuristic vocal from a British documentary laid ontop of it. To the flip, Play That Funky Reggae kicks things off with a very unusual female Russian robot vocal bit (You've really just got to hear it to understand) before bumping into a monster breakbeat cut with a catchy bleeping Kraftwerk melody, blasting drum break, looping percussion, and intersplicing vocodor and Toots and the Maytals samples. Next up is JStar's remix of the forementioned tune, which takes things down a notch into screw-dub territory, a driving echo'd out track with melodica, chopped and slowed vocals, and a killer digikal bassline.