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Electric Wire Hustle - The 11th Sky
CD Album
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Electric Wire Hustle

The 11th Sky

Bastard Jazz Recordings

Released: 30th September 2016 | 9 track leftfield/idm album

Electric Wire Hustle return with a third studio album, The 11th Sky...

Expanding on their psychedelic-soul sound, The 11th Sky continues the surreal storytelling of last years Aeons EP, which also featured Kimbra and Deva Mahal on vocals. The brand new album is described as David Lynch meets Motown by frontman and producer Mara TK, and indeed, a sense of the otherworldly is present here within EWH's layered electronic production and Mara's soaring vocals. Tracks like Go Slow walk into the genre-fog amongst drum machines and synthesizers. Meanwhile I Light A Candle with it's piano, chopped vocal samples, towering strings and 808s strikes right at the heart of soul music.

Electric Wire Hustle's last album 'Love Can Prevail' found support from The New York Times, BBC Radio and Wax Poetics, and won Best Electronic Album at the New Zealand Music Awards, continuing a track record of critical acclaim that started with their debut self-titled album. The 11th Sky is due out on September 30th on LP, CD and digital via Bastard Jazz Recordings (World) and Loop Recordings (New Zealand).