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Seekersinternational - TrustInDigikal / IfUWantMe
7" Vinyl
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TrustInDigikal / IfUWantMe

Bokeh Versions

Released: 8th December 2015 | 2 track ambient dub single

Bokeh Versionsis a new home for outernational sounds and dub lifeforms based outta South London.

Their first release comes from dubwise anomalySeekersinternational. A mysterious collective from British Columbia via their native Philippines, they began deconstructing dub's outer regions with a much lauded missive onDigitalisand rapid fire transmissions on Bristol'sNo Cornerand Portland'sBoomarm Nation. SKRS combines nomadic mysticism with a clerical following of sound system heritage (documented in their skewed re-rub of Scientist's classic Vampire LP last year).

Their 7 debut on Bokeh Versions finds SKRS in a woozy mood. IfUWantMe is a warped interpolations of classic lovers rock vibes.Taken from their forthcoming LP, SKRS launches lovers into another dimension with a distant gyaldem chanting mantras over ruffneck lows.

TrustInDigikal is an archival track rescued from cosmic limbo. Sparse dub abstractions and alien gurgles battle with clipped samples to a synthonic conclusion. Think Scratch Perry and Joe Meek clashing with Low End Theory and '08 beats.