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Abu Ama - Arabxo Ishara
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Abu Ama

Arabxo Ishara

Bokeh Versions

Released: 26th August 2016 | 7 track worldbeat album

Step into Arabxo Ishara: Abu Ama's dubwise tales of Turkish traditional song, sufi ghosts, Syrian locked grooves and Indonesian field recordings. Snatches of UK pub talk strung together with rumbles of sub add to the disorientating lack of place - wherever you are, you're arriving here for the first time.

Abu Ama lives in West-Germany; talks of his gypsy roots and vague links to Spiral Tribe. He can often be found teaching local refugees English at the weekends. Arabxo Ishara follows releases on NY based darkwave collective Hexx 9. After some discussion he sent Bokeh Edwards almost 500 demos: 'pick some' he said.

"Strength to strength :)) brilliant !"
Beatrice Dillon, The Trilogy Tapes
"Man, Abu Ama sounds fantastic! Who is that?"
Disrupt, Jahtari
"Abu Ama cassette SOUNDS TUFF."
RVNG Intl, RVNG Intl
"This Abu Ama cassette on Bokeh Versions is melting my head right now"
Ossia, Blackest Ever Black