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Aquadab & MC A - All Over There
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Aquadab & MC A

All Over There

Bokeh Versions

Released: 9th December 2016 | 8 track unusual album

Illbient oddities and lost relics for the Soundcloud generation - Aquadab & MC A'sAll Over Thereis the second transmission from one of Bokeh's spiritual homelands, Osaka.

Recorded in 2006 and shelved until today -All Over Thereorbits the outer leftfield regions of known hip-hop galaxies. MC A's double, triple, quadruple tracked vocals are thrown around the mic like a nipponDanny Brownriding Aquadab's Jan JelinekmeetsTimbaland productions (his words).

Composed and resampled entirely on MPC 1000 and Kaoss pad - Aquadab claims most tracks were made in sub-2 hour improvised sessions. MC A's vox exist to us only as texture and punctuation -we're assured the lyrics are too abstract to translate(English titles have been provided for iTunes purposes).

The results are as unique as the artists involved are generally unknown. Aquadab has scored a lone remix on Japanese imprintAun Muteand MC A can be found on a few tracks by local hip-hop acts likeDJ Motive. Aquadab lives in Osaka - home to Bokeh alumni DJ Ground and Kabamix. MC A hails from Gifu, widely known as the home of Japan's master cormorant fishermen.

"Dope sounds from the island - Japan not Jamaica - courtesy of producer Aquadab and the animated chatter of MC A, cut loose and surreal for South London’s burgeoning Bokeh Versions (Jay Glass Dubs, Seekersinternational, Abu AMA)."
"Loving this Aquadab & MC A. Right up my freak street ~"