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Rer Repeter - In Fine Style
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Rer Repeter

In Fine Style

Bokeh Versions

Released: 26th May 2017 | 10 track ambient dub album

BKV 010 finds Rer Repeter dubbing in his own style, in mighty fine style with a tight palette of melodica, close-mic'd back-street percussion and dub fx swell; coming across like those parallel-dimensional Augustus Pablo mixes of Swordfishtrombones.

While the focus is heavy on classic dub techniques, the approach is free-form - without resorting to common reggae cliches. In true troubadour style, most of the album is played by hand on instruments ranging from self-build shakers, finger-cymbals and found objects to melodica and prepared turntables.

Rer Repeter aka Martin Werner operates out of Graz, Austria. He's released on leftfield dub outposts including rohs! and Pdxindubting as well as running the cult electronics label Offseason (RIP).

"Rer Repeter (like labelmate Jay Glass Dubs) has stripped away several key components of dub to create something starker and darker, nonetheless retaining the hazy functionality and head bobbing possibilities of the original artform."
The Quietus