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RunComeTest EP

Bokeh Versions / No Corner

Released: 1st December 2017 | 4 track ambient dub ep

With jungle, grime (forthcoming), 90s rnb (forthcoming) and even Red Snapper's '96 classicPrince Blimeyall getting the SKRS redux recently,RunComeTest EPis a time-capsule. 8-bit basslines echo from distant battles with space invaders while sure-footed dub samples glare at sound system history through vaseline smeared lenses. Returning to more grounded dubwise sensibilities (by their standards),RunComeTestbuilds a bridge between the collective's 2014 NoCorner cassette (Rootprinciple)and the recently re-surfaced sci-fi/western clashDancehallShowdown(self-released on ICS Library Recordings last year). The abstract vocal hooks of the leadout track recall Bokeh's anthem and debut 7, 'IfUWantMe', while the introspective dub electrics bump shoulders with NoCorner's last SKRS outting - 2016'sOranVIP / BwoyTestVIP7 (ft. Jabu).

PlacingRunComeTeston this suitably mangled timeline isn't so important. This collaboration between Bristol's NoCorner and Bristol's (adopted) Bokeh Versions finds the Canadian/Filipino SKRS collective in an unusually coherent 4 tracker mood. It's a celebration of their sound; where it comes from, where it's going and its shared importance to these two labels.

Stunning Moebius vs Limonious artwork comes in from from longtime SKRS visual collaborator Mystery Forms.