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Leslie Winer & Jay Glass Dubs - YMFEES
12" Vinyl

Leslie Winer & Jay Glass Dubs


Bokeh Versions

Released: 19th January 2018 | 6 track trip-hop album

Map references that don't lead anywhere.Starfish stories, cybernetics, randomised control trials, the private language argument.Leslie Winer's spoken-word waterfalls are a conscious, unconscious, intuitive and informed ordering of lyrical touchstones. Reprinted on the inner sleeves and layered over Jay Glass Dubs' darkest, dubbest, most urgent scattershot riddims.

Leslie Winer recorded the prescient and stealthy influential record 'Witch' under the pseudonym © — first released on white label in 1990 London. 'Witch' has been re-released in different formats over the years and remains a relatively small but persistent cult classic — championed by other musicians and kept in circulation thanks to the fidelity of DJs like John Peel, Chris Douridas and countable nameless others.

Winer has written and co-written songs for more popular artists (Sinead O'Connor and Grace Jones), collaborated with other outsider artists (C M von Hausswolff, Jon Hassell, Christopher Chaplin, Karl Bonnie) and continues towrite, record her own music and live in France. She is also acting co-literary executor for the estate of Beat writer Herbert Huncke.

Athens GR based Jay Glass Dubs, along with Seekersinternational defines the core sound of Bokeh Versions. This is his first vinyl release of fresh material after a 2LP retrospective, 'Dubs',on Not Waving's Ecstatic Recordings, - his 4th outing for Bokeh overall.

"U wait for a Leslie Winer record for decades & she only goes and makes one with the man like Jay Glass Dubs AMAZING!"
Trevor Jackson
"An unexpected but brilliant marriage of styles, YMFEES sees avant-garde enigma Leslie Winer’s stream-of-conscious vocals diffused into Jay Glass Dubs’ plasmic, recursive dub disarrangements for London’s excellent Bokeh Versions"
"Following an inspired remix match-up with the aggro punk-funk of New York’s Guerilla Toss, Papadatos’s newest collaboration pulls a startling rabbit out of the hat in the form of 1980s fashion modLike the best dub-inspired music of the 90s and onwards it taps into the dreadfulness of roots and takes it somewhere beyond fetishism or imitation."
Derek Walmsley, The Wire
"A boundary-pushing psycho-journey through claustrophobic industrial clattering, digitalist dub refractions, and humid atmospherics."
"4/5: The whole thing shivers and smudges as if heard in a fever-dream—the sort where you lose track of time completely"
Resident Advisor
"YMFEES is a work of euphoric deconstruction, boldly smashing conventional narratives and demanding the listener make their own meaning."
Inverted Audio