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Duppy Gun Productions - Miro Tape

Duppy Gun Productions

Miro Tape

Bokeh Versions

Released: 27th April 2018 | 2 track dancehall album

Not heard since 2016, that Duppy Gun siren sounds again. Miro Tape is a 50 minute mixtape of twisted dancehall fuego, with the new school microphone talent ofSikka Rymes, I Jahbar, Early One, Lyrical Wiz, Sniper, Buddy DonandLopo.They clash on riddims from Bokeh Sound (Jay Glass Dubs, Seekersinternational, Abu Ama)and the Duppy Gun Production House (D/P/I, Butchy Fuego, Big Flyte & VelkroandRas G.)

Re-configuring dancehall DNA for 7 years now, Duppy has been a huge inspiration sinceDayone's conqueringMultiplylanded in 2011.Mirois a taste of some collaborative efforts cooking between the two labels. Mixed by Velkro and recorded in Duppy Gun's newly-built Jamaican HQ (headed byI Jahbar); 80% of the material here is unheard and ready for global release. Founded bySun ArawandM. Geddes Gengras, Duppy Gun pairs under-cover West Coast producers with Jamaican vocalists likeG Sudden,Early One.

In This Time Of Many Dancehall Think-pieces: Live Long And Grow Strong.

"Yo this shit is thoroughly insane"
Max D, Future Times
"Miro Tape gets up in your face with an airhorn and it’s an exhilarating experience.This truly cements Bokeh's position as one of the most forward thinking labels in the UK today"
Vinyl Factory
"Album Of The Day: this wild, ragged, brutally stoned mix is rooted in dancehall’s untold variety and innate joyous derangement"
"Miro Tape is thrilling in moments like this, when the past and the future smudge together, immersing the listener in sounds defined only by their boundless pliability."