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Duppy Gun Productions - Miro Tape
Out 27th April 2018

Duppy Gun Productions

Miro Tape

Bokeh Versions

Expected: 27th April 2018 | 2 track dancehall album

Not heard since 2016, that Duppy Gun siren sounds again. Miro Tape is a 50 minute mixtape of twisted dancehall fuego, with the new school microphone talent ofSikka Rymes, I Jahbar, Early One, Lyrical Wiz, Sniper, Buddy DonandLopo.They clash on riddims from Bokeh Sound (Jay Glass Dubs, Seekersinternational, Abu Ama)and the Duppy Gun Production House (D/P/I, Butchy Fuego, Big Flyte & VelkroandRas G.)

Re-configuring dancehall DNA for 7 years now, Duppy has been a huge inspiration sinceDayone's conqueringMultiplylanded in 2011.Mirois a taste of some collaborative efforts cooking between the two labels. Mixed by Velkro and recorded in Duppy Gun's newly-built Jamaican HQ (headed byI Jahbar); 80% of the material here is unheard and ready for global release. Founded bySun ArawandM. Geddes Gengras, Duppy Gun pairs under-cover West Coast producers with Jamaican vocalists likeG Sudden,Early One.

In This Time Of Many Dancehall Think-pieces: Live Long And Grow Strong.

"Yo this shit is thoroughly insane"
Max D, Future Times