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Mars89 - End of the Death
12" Vinyl


End of the Death

Bokeh Versions

Released: 7th September 2018 | 5 track industrial dance ep

By track two we've already blitzed Cutty Ranks samples via Dawn Of The Dead chatter through Street Fighter vamps and Pulse X resurrection subs. All you can do with Mars89's mesh of gutter sonics is pick out the landmarks you recognise: 'oh yeah that's kinda drill, mmmm gqom, oooo Night Slugs' but like the best hallucinations you just shut your eyes and ride it.End of The Deathsounds like it comes from no place in particular.

Bokeh Edwards and Mars89 met at the Bokeh Versions x Diskotopia night in Tangram hairdressers, Tokyo (sponsored by Pioneer) in October 2016. He's a crucial member of the Tokyo's Chopstick Killahz, a self-described Post Tribal DJ Unit lurking on the fringes of the city's grime scene. Mars89's self released his debut EP East End Chaos in 2016 on a limited run of zines. He's also recently composed music for Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo 2017A/W and started a residency at Bristol's Noods Radio to highlight DJ and production talent elsewhere in Asia.

"Feels like old-school grime run through a few too many low-pass filters (in a good way)"
Resident Advisor
"Channeling gqom, ballroom, Jersey club, dancehall, grime, UK bassline and sci-fi soundtracks, End Of The Death is a continuation of the producer’s signature murky sound outlined on last year’s Lucid Dream EP,"
"Splitting time differences all over the place, its stark palette of bass, drums and dialogue samples recalls grime pitched down into stasis, beats spitting out in widely spaced bursts like machine gun fire"
The Wire
"Sawn-off 8bit samples clash classic soundsystem signals and rusty-edged percussion for a satisfyingly harsh textured and rugged session"