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Volte-Face - Charlatan EP
12" Vinyl
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Charlatan EP


Released: 11th May 2015 | 5 track techno ep

BleeD take the leap from running revolutionary London clubnights, to releasing records, with a fitting debut release from Mr BleeD himself, Casper 'Volte-Face' Clark in the form of a 12 EP, 'Charlatan'. Those already familiar with his regular DJ sets in the UK and abroad, or the recent Daniel Avery remix that featured on a 12 alongside Rodhad and Silent Servant, might have expected the heady, versatile brew of contemporary European techno influences, allied with modern sound-design flourishes and ambient forays that are in evidence here.

Remaining consistent to the original tenets of the BleeD project, each 12 will feature a remix from a figurehead of the experimental underground, in this case Sweden's Peder Mannerfelt, best known for his production work on Fever Ray's feted LP, as well as forming one half of Roll The Dice, and recently releasing his own LPs ''Lines Describing Circles' and 'The Swedish Congo Record'.

The A1-B2 of the EP are ready-made for open-minded techno dancefloors, and have received early support from Svreca, Daniel Avery, Tripeo, Peter Van Hoesen, Pariah, DJ Nobu and Samuli Kemppi. The EP is rounded off by the titular track, a brief yet personal ambient excursion.

"Big things ahead for Volte-Face. Love all of this."
Daniel Avery, Phantasy Sound
"Good stuff, thanks."
Anthony Parasole, The Corner
"Dope techno. Feeling the vibe!"
John Osborn, Tantaafl
"That's how you make a debut. IXAXAAR is the one!"
J. Tijn, Pennyroyal
"Sine Qua Non for me. Techy and raw..."
Josh Wink, Ovum
"Strong release - thanx"
Slam, Soma
"Amazing stuff. Full support !!"
Svreca, Semantica
"Sine Qua Non is the one for me, thanks :)"
A Made Up Sound, When In Doubt
"Great work Casper ! Awesome debut, full support"
"Been rinsing these for months"
Darko Esser, Tripeo/Wolfskull