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Rote - EP 1
12" Vinyl
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EP 1


Released: 9th October 2015 | 4 track u.k./euro techno ep

BleeD follow up their inaugural release, by Volte-Face, which received plays and praise from the likes of DVS1, Pangaea, Luke Slater, Marcel Fengler, Blawan, Erol Alkan and Anthony Parasole.

Rote is a debutant artist, formed by Volte-Face and Daniel Avery, best known for his LP 'Drone Logic', widely considered to be one of the breakthrough dance albums of the last decade. Rote is a project with no precise mission statement. The goal is to approach each studio session with a fresh impetus, to release club EPs with minimal fanfare and fuss.

This time around, the 2 original tracks are characterized by dense atmosphere, tense white-noise and Space-Echoed flourishes allied to a tough techno backbone. Rote 1 is an economical and direct peak-time track, equal parts hypnotic and subtly uplifting. Rote 2 is an altogether more epic proposition, opening with a heads-down broken beat, before taking flight with fluttering hi-hats and transcendent pads. Remix-wise, both artists use the source material to subtle yet masterful effect. Nobu takes things deep and polyrhythmic, with Svreca taking a more subterranean and immersive approach.

A small pool of DJs have received the tracks ahead of promo, with early support from Nina Kraviz, DVS1, Silent Servant, Tripeo, Ryan James Ford, JP Enfant, Distant Echoes and Samuli Kemppi...;

"Super good"
Silent Servant, Sandwell District/Jealous God
"I like it a lot"
Nina Kraviz, Trip
"Like the originals the best"
DVS1, Hush/Mistress
"Jesus! Really strong release."
"4/4 My Fav Are two originals and Svreca remix !! Love all of these. Banger Thanks"
Zadig, Construct Re-Form
"Very nice tracks. Also, both remixes are killer. Can't choose a favourite, full support."
"Thanks for the tracks, sounding great!"
Cosmin TRG
"Rote 1 and the Svreca remix are so good!"
Ryan James Ford, Marcel Dettmann Records
"Killer release. I've been playing both originals and really like the Nobu remix."
Tripeo, Wolfskull/Balans
"Definitely into Rote 1 and the Nobu remix"