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Volte-Face - All Grown Up
12" Vinyl
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All Grown Up


Released: 27th November 2015 | 5 track techno ep

BleeD enter their stride, with a third 12 of the year, since the label debuted in May with label-head Volte-Face's 'Charlatan' EP, and followed up with the Daniel Avery/Volte-Face collaboration, Rote's 'EP1'. Although early days, the label has been heavily championed by the likes of Svreca, Tripeo and DJ Nobu, with significant support also from techno figureheads including Silent Servant, Blawan, Nina Kraviz, DVS1, Matrixxman, Sandrien, Antigone and Anthony Parasole.

Representing Volte-Face's second EP release, 'All Grown Up' is a significant step-up from the first, featuring 3 club-primed original tracks as well as an ambient excursion, and a killer remix from underground king DJ Spider, best known for running Plan B recordings, collaborating with the likes of Phil Moffa and Marshalito, and for releasing two EPs on Will Bankhead's The Trilogy Tapes.

The A1, 'Ill-Fêted' is a bright, direct banger and with a keen ear for detail. A2, 'The Power Of Christ Compels You' is a little darker-hued, as one might expect from the title, all menacing stabs and white-noise rushes. The B1, 'Chain Of Command', is arguably the strongest track on the record, with a warmer, more immersive feel than the rest of the EP, possibly offering us a window into Volte-Face and BleeD's future direction. The ambiguously titled B2, 'All Grown Up' is a brief, beatless respite, preceding DJ Spider's claustrophobic finale.

"Thanks for sending. Chain Of Command is a very very good one."
Etapp Kyle, Klockworks/Ostgut Ton
"Great EP. I will use Chain Of Command on my Slam Radio mix"
Blind Observatory, Ostgut Ton
"I've been caning Power Of Christ, and Ill-Feted/Chain Of Command have also been going down well."
Daniel Avery, Phantasy/Divided Love
"Really great record. Loving Ill-Feted. Will use in my new mix."
Ryan James Ford, Marcel Dettmann Records
"Man, really great tracks! I love it. Thanks for sending, they sound beautiful."
Stenny, Ilian Tape
"My favourite is Chain Of Command, I've played it a lot!"
DJ Nobu, Bitta Tokyo
"Thanks for sharing early. Power Of Christ is killer"
Tripeo, Wolfskull/Tripeo
"Dope dope!"
Francois X, Concrete/Demented
"Solid moody ass techno right here. Will download and play."
Matrixxman, Ghostly