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DJ Spider - Burning Museums
12" Vinyl

DJ Spider

Burning Museums


Released: 29th April 2016 | 5 track u.k./euro techno ep

BleeD tackle 2016 head on, with a newcomer to the label, DJ Spider, entering the fold on a Limited (to 300 copies) release. A seasoned and respected figurehead of the US techno underground, Spider serves up an uncompromising yet heady EP, said to represent the loss of knowledge of mankind by the modern scientists who are destroying ancient texts in their attempt to erase history. Anybody familiar with Spider's work on his own Plan B/Sublevel Sounds imprints, or his collaborations with Phil Moffa, Marshalito and Franklin De Costa for The Trilogy Tapes, Killekill et al, will recognise the hallmarks of his best work. Killer drum programming, Gritty sound design and otherworldly, trippy flourishes.

The A1, 'Prophetic Technlogy', is the most playful on the EP, revolving around a hypnotic horn sample and laced with bestial squeals and grunts. On the A2, BleeD boss Volte-Face takes the horn sample and runs with it, weaving a grandiose melody allied to a peak-time primed broken beat. The B1 sees Spider going straight for the jugular, with a seriously kicking beat in combination with more supernatural voices, and transportative gliding effects. An ambient excursion on the B2 could sound like an opportunity for breather, but the claustrophobic , paranoid effect of the track puts paid to that. B3 is more sparse than the rest, a useful tool for keeping the energy on the floor.

"All Killer!"
Daniel Avery, Phantasy
"Like 'em all, but VF remix is perfect for me"
Kr!z, Token
"Raah, this is rude, love it."
Hodge, Livity Sound
"Def a fan of Spider's filthy funk, thanks!"
Ben Sims, Symbolism
"B I G!"
Radio Slave, Rekids
"Volte-Face remix is ace."
Svreca, Semantica
"Fresh sounding record!"
Dario Zenker, Ilian Tape
"Volte-Face remix is amazing!"
Iori, Semantica/Prologue
"Really into the originals, thanks. Spider is the one!"
Clouds, Soma/Electric Deluxe
"Good stuff from Spider as per!"