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Volte-Face - You Bury Me
12" Vinyl


You Bury Me


Released: 15th July 2016 | 4 track techno ep

BleeD release a second EP of the year, following a gritty outing from NYC's DJ Spider. This is Volte-Face's first original material since the 'All Grown Up' EP, released via the label in November. Once again, the focus is on open-minded dancefloors, with three dark and daring originals accompanied by a mind-melting remix from Semantica/Prologue/Field artist, Iori.

The A1, 'Shirime', is dark and hypnotic, with a brooding atmosphere throughout. Iori's remix on the A2 recontextualises the core elements of the original track with a broken-beat. The B1, 'You Bury Me', features a grindingly anthemic synth-line and marries it to a Gothic ambience. 'Dead Cat On The Dinner Table' rounds off the EP, an unapologetically straightforward beat underpinning some outrageous and unpredictable sounds.

"Great EP!!"
DJ Nobu, Bitta Japan
"All tracks are good. You Bury Me is my favourite"
Etapp Kyle, Ostgut Ton
"Playing the Iori remix"
Svreca, Semantica
"Love every track. More excellent work from BleeD."
Daniel Avery, Phantasy
"You Bury Me definitely for me. Looove this track."
Laurent Garnier
"Very good sounds, thanks"
Cassegrain, Infrastructure NY
"This dude is increasingly impressing me."
DJ TLR, Creme
"Killer record!"
SHDW, From Another Mind
"Shirime for me, both mixes are great."
Zadig, Construct Re-Form
"Shirime is brilliant! Will play for sure."
Samuli Kemppi, Deep Space Helsinki