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Rote - EP2
12" Vinyl




Released: 7th October 2016 | 5 track techno ep

BleeD's third release of 2016, following outings from DJ Spider and label head Volte-Face, is a five-track statement from Rote. Formed of Daniel Avery and Volte-Face, this is a second EP release on BleeD for the 'open-ended' techno side-project, the first of which was met with much underground DJ support, and featured remixes from experimental techno doyens Svreca and DJ Nobu.

The EP opens with 'Lifted', a whimsical sound-design sketch, before heading straight to the dancefloor with the droning, tunneling techno of 'Rote 3'. 'Sun In The Night' is an extended ambient workout, with traces of a psychedelic rock influence. 'Rote 4' is another slice of 'eyes closed' techno, with a hazy atmosphere and squealing siren hook. The EP closes out with 'End Of The Sky', a departure into more emotional territory with lilting synth-work and a gentle propulsion towards the EP's close.

"Love this guys!"
Svreca, Semantica
"Whole EP is great. Can't wait to play!"
Iori, Semantica
"Very nice Ep. All tracks are perfect for me. End of the sky is wonderful !! Thanks"
Zadig, Construct Re-Form
"rote 3"
Eric Cloutier, Bunker NYC
"Amazing work! 10/10"
Shlømo, Taapion/Delsin
"Great EP, thanks!"
Dax J, Monnom
"already played ep1 a lot. this one is great too."
Kr!z, Token
"Really really good. Thank you!"
Samuli Kemppi, Deep Space Helsinki