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Phil Moffa - Mass Action
12" Vinyl

Phil Moffa

Mass Action


Released: 3rd February 2017 | 4 track techno ep

The first 2017 release for BleeD welcomes another new artist to the fold. A seriously respected studio aficionado and close contemporary/collaborator of the BleeD released DJ Spider, Phil Moffa is also known for working alongside Anthony Parasole and Seth Troxler as well as releasing solo EPs on The Corner, Most Excellent Unlimited and Plan B Recordings.

Taking no prisoners from the start, 'Psychohistory' is a classic paranoiac techno anthem, laced with haunted drones and the sharp hats which have become somewhat of a Moffa signature. 'Dodecahedron' takes a while to hit home, with a warm atmospheric opening, but the effect on a peak-time dancefloor is equally potent once it kicks into top gear. The B-side is a little more reflective, with two versions of 'Decimation'. The original glides along, full to the brim with sound-design flourishes. Volte-Face retains much of the original character and sounds, but takes things on a deeper, trancier journey which makes as much sense in headphones as on a club rig.

"Excellent EP. I've been playing Dodecahedron a lot."
Daniel Avery, Phantasy
"The Volte-Face remix is my preference"
SHDW, From Another Mind
"Volte-Face remix is strongest, but I love the whole EP"
John Osborne, TANSTAAFL
"Fantastic release from BleeD as usual"
Discrete Circuit
"Good release. Will be playing!"
Cassegrain, Arcing Seas
"sick. awesome.speechless"
Efdemin, Dial
"Whole EP's great, would expect nothing less"
Bleaching Agent
"Lovely EP"
Matrixxman, Dekmantel
"Very nice! Full support"
Iori, Semantica
"Decimation is nice. Proper Moffa touch there."
Eric Cloutier, Palinoia