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Volte-Face - Murmuration
12" Vinyl




Released: 1st September 2017 | 5 track techno ep

BleeD's second release of the year is a fourth solo outing for label head Volte-Face, following up last year's incendiary 'You Bury Me' 12. In classic BleeD fashion, the EP features three dancefloor-oriented tracks, an ambient piece and an artist-curated remixer in the form of Japanese artist Wata Igarashi, a name synonymous with some of the finest off-centre techno labels, including Semantica, Time To Express and Midgar.

The A-side opens with 'Murmuration', a resounding broken-beat track designed for maximum peak-time effect. 'Lethologica' is more cavernous and direct, with a shrill siren off-setting an insistent drone lead. Leading off the B-Side is Wata Igarashi's remix of 'Blatchington Mill', a deep-techno journey with classic trance influences apparent in the arpeggiated synth-waves and glottal bassline. 'No Flags Wave Me Home' is an intense, throbbing ambient piece, and the EP closes with the original version of 'Blatchington Mill', an unholy alliance of discomfiting atmosphere, deep-techno groove and harsh noise influences.

"I love Murmuration so far, but the other tracks are really strong"
Etapp Kyle, Ostgut Ton/Klockworks
"The new EP is nice, thank you!"
DJ Nobu, Bitta
"Definitely the most heady Volte-Face EP yet!"
Artefakt, Delsin
"Great work, I've been playing all of the tracks."
Daniel Avery, Phantasy
"Cool release"
Blind Observatory, Gravitational
"I would love to receive the Wata remix and Lethologica."
Peter Van Hoesen, Time To Express
"Super bad-ass EP. The whole thing is heat!"
Eric Cloutier, Palinoia
"Yes! Lethologica is my fave."
Rrose, Eaux
"stunning. nothing here i don't like. wata on good form too. thanks"
Kr!z, Token
"dope ep, good Job Casper! I like all but if i have to pick one Lethologica is my fav"
Neel, Voices From The Lake