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Archivist & Fugal - Undertow
12" Vinyl
Out 3rd November 2017
Out 3rd November 2017

Archivist & Fugal



Expected: 3rd November 2017 | 4 track techno ep

Volte-Face's BleeD releases a third and final 12 of the year, welcoming two exciting young American artists into the fold, Archivist and Fugal, for a debut collaborative EP. Both artists are residents of the Seattle based Secondnature label/party, although Fugal is currently based in Berlin. The EP actually came about when Volte-Face heard 'Undertow' on one of Archivist's mixes, enquired where the track could be purchased, only to find that it was a one-off collaboration with no plans for a release. The idea for an EP was proposed and, despite the transatlantic journeying required to make it happen, the record came together relatively quickly. Former Secondnature guest, the Northern Electronics/Semantica affiliated Acronym, rounds off the EP in resounding fashion with one of his most direct efforts to date..

All four tracks are staunchly club-focused, with the A1 'Being & Nothingness' setting a pensive, blue mood driven by a siren-lead and melancholic pads. 'Far Horizon' retains a similar mood, albeit subtly trancier and more invigorating. Acronym's remix is more driving, with buzzsaw atmospherics and biting percussion with the original melody deployed to beautiful effect in the closing stages of the track. 'Undertow' is arguably the most dramatic track on the EP, with a pervading sense of menace throughout.