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Various Artists - Social Sculpture
Vinyl LP

Various Artists

Social Sculpture


Released: 13th July 2018 | 8 track techno ep

For the first time, Volte-Face's BleeD releases a Various Artists compilation, featuring friends and close family of the label. Named after Joseph Beuys' concept of 'Social Sculpture', which serves to harness collective potential in an attempt to transform society (in some small way at least!), the release features eight different artists who embody the BleeD sound of the last few years of activity.

Once again, the tracks are aimed at the more challenging and open-minded techno floors, although it makes for a fulsome listen from start to finish. From the unbridled celebration of Volte-Face's 'Plus Four ++++'; to the functionally atmospheric likes of DJ Nobu's 'Fish' and Refracted's 'Depth Charge'; the more intense shades of Opuswerk's 'Transhancement' and BLNDR's 'Doepfer Exercise'; the outright pounding 'Shit Business' and 'Dig 6' by Rote (Daniel Avery & Volte-Face) and Peder Mannerfelt respectively; culminating in the trance-infused melancholy of AWB's 'Nimh'.

"Instant love for this V/A Compilation !! It´s all about taste into different ranges of techno. Full support !!"
Svreca, Semantica
"Put this all in my face. Thanks"
Daniel Avery, Phantasy
"Very well-curated selection with a special mention of Depth Charge by Refracted.. what a stellar production."
Artefakt, Delsin
"Brilliant VA! I especially loved Nobu's contribution!"
Luigi Tozzi, Hypnus
"Long Live BleeD"
"Great package... High quality techno throughout. Refracted really stands out on first listen!"
Cassegrain, Arcing Seas / Infrastructure NYC
"Grand Emotion. Really lovely & powerful. All tracks are really nice. Shit Business = instant classic."
Voiski, Delsin
"This is pretty fantastic the whole way through!"
Bryan Kasenic, Bunker NYC
"Refracted & DJ Nobu for me here- great structures!"
Len Faki, Figure
"Rote and AWB for me. Thanks."
Peter Van Hoesen, Time To Express