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Rob Life - Here's One I Made Earlier/The Great Rhythm Caper

Rob Life

Here's One I Made Earlier/The Great Rhythm Caper

Breakin Bread

Released: 30th June 2008 | 2 track alternative rap/hip-hop single
The third 7 in the Sevens Series from the Whitechapel-based club nite/record label is Rob Life's second tour of duty. This release follows in the footsteps of the cut up style, funky beats and neat scratching that Rob has become well known for in both his tracks and DJ sets. Side A Here's One I Made Earlier It's that time again kicks off this track which teases the listener with funky horns and a deep bassline. The tune then builds up nicely using rhythmic scratches and vocal snippets before it explodes into a dynamic mix of up-tempo beats and cuts madness that will tear up any dancefloor. Side AA The Great Rhythm Caper We're obviously biased, but this track drips funk like a waffle drips honey! The up-tempo, hard edged percussion is the tool that carves out the shape of the waffle. Draped over this tasty base is a sweet concoction of wah-wah, horns, and Rob's trademark scratches. Like every adventurous caper, the plot is never complete until the surprise topping. Just after halfway listen up... Get up, get loose and get with it!