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Rob Life - Focus On The Main Features

Rob Life

Focus On The Main Features

Breakin Bread

Released: 30th June 2008 | 4 track alternative rap/hip-hop single
This new release from the Breakin' Bread collective is the labels first foray into the 12 market and it builds nicely on the success of their recent sellout LP The Deadly 7 Sins. The boys have gone for the 12 format to convince the doubters out there about the hip hop credentials of the collective behind the club that is critically acclaimed for representing all elements of funk and hip hop culture. This is the first in a series of hip hop 12s from the crew and their stated aim is to represent the funkier side of the UK Hip Hop scene. Rob Life/Cappo/DPF Focus On The Main Features For many this was the highlight of the Breakin' Bread LP and after a lot of hassle from all over the world the boys have decided to release it on 12. Rob Life shows that he is not all about cut up tracks and he comes correct with a funkier than thou bassline and snapping drums. He has recruited 2 of his favourite UK MC's to swap verses on the track. Cappo hails from Notts City and he has released a couple of hard EP's on SON records as well as working hard on all 3 releases from the HEAVY BRONX EXPERIENCE. DPF first emerged from the freestyle sessions hosted by the Def-Tex crew in Norwich and he has blessed the open mic session at the BB club many a time. We hope you will agree that the vocal styles complement each other and the rhythms very nicely... Rob Life/Kashmere Iguana Verses Rob completely flips his production style on this brand new track with a deep rolling bassline, that hard boom bap and some dope key patterns. The track features Kashmere (aka The Iguana Man) who was first discovered at the Breakin' Bread open mic session with the crowd in the palm of his hand. Since then Kashmere has been MC'ing for the BB crew at the many guest DJ spots that they have played all over the UK and he has recently released his own EP - Raw Styles) on Receptor Records. With his unique flow and complex lines this MC is destined to make a big impact on the UK scene.