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Cappo - The Get Out EP (feat. Zero Theory)


The Get Out EP (feat. Zero Theory)

Breakin Bread

Released: 30th June 2008 | 8 track alternative rap/hip-hop ep
Cappo is possibly one of the UK's most underrated MC's. Despite his universally acclaimed skills, hard work ethics, a critically acclaimed LP and numerous releases on 12 Cappo is rarely mentioned in discussions on the UK's dopest MC's. Whatever the reason, Capps decided to take things into his own hands and he linked up with fellow Nottingham resident Zero Theory who has previously worked on a number of releases for the Catskills label. Cappo and Zero Theory embarked on hardcore project to release 3 self funded CD's. The Get Out Vol 1 and Vol 2 soon followed and the boys started selling the homemade CD's on their website. A copy of both volumes found it's way to the Breakin Bread Crew who were amazed that releases of this quality could not find a home on vinyl. After a few discussions, the Get Out EP was born. All of these tracks have been taken from The Get Out Vol 2 and we hope you agree that this release showcases Cappo's incredible vocal and lyrical skills to the full, over some incredible beats from Zero Theory. A1 Capp's Theme Tune Zero Theory kicks off with a nice easy track chock full of keys, guitar and the nicest vibe since the Summer of Love. Cappo hardens the track up as he takes us thru his life. This is how I am/how it is sometimes….. A2 All This And More Over a moody, brooding beat from Zero Theory, Capps takes us deeper into his thoughts…..See further……look forward…….the arts of the illest…. A3 From Acorns Woah! Check Zero Theory's beat on this one. Like something from the Middle Ages crossed with a bit of classical hip hop the track gives Cappo the chance to drop a barrage of bragging……Committed to putting out high grade/others are mutton dressed as lamb…. A4 Wise Before My Time Zero Theory takes us into even heavier playout territory on this track with a nice builder (listen for the bass drops!). Cappo demonstrates his wisdom and how he plans to move onto bigger things I am not content until I have achieved more…. A5 Last Remaining The EP closes with a club banger. Capps and Zero Theory round off by telling us how it is They pale into comparison with me……Condor all power……The essence of all things…. BREAKIN BREAD, the UK's only funk and hip hop label, returns to the 7 format for another foray into the world of funk and breaks.