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Ghost - Let Em Know


Let Em Know

Breakin Bread

Released: 30th June 2008 | 6 track alternative rap/hip-hop ep
BREAKIN BREAD continue to push their brand of DIRTY, BEATBREAKIN' FUNK AND HIP HOP. On this release the label bring the 2nd 12 from Ghost, one of the country's top, up and coming producers. Ghost released his first 12 Ghost Stories in late 2003 and it went on to become one of Breakin Bread's bestsellers. This helped raise Ghost into the upper echelon of UK boardsmiths and he has strengthened this rep with work for the Kashmere & Verb T album released on Lowlife and the Kashmere EP released on Receptor. Together, Ghost, Kashmere and Verb T have formed The Invisible Men and performed shows all over the UK and as far afield as Lithuania. Ghost has also recently entered a competition to remix Roots Manuva's classic Witness the Fitness and at the time of writing this press release Ghosts remix had been picked as one of the last few to win the comp. Ghost also hosts a weekly show on the UK's only dedicated hip hop station Itch FM. This latest 12 has been on the cards for a while and it takes us deeper into Ghost's lush production……… A1 Let 'Em Know (featuring Kashmere) (Radio) Ghost and The Iguana Man kick off the 12 with a straight up hip hop headnodder. Ghost let's you know he means business with some eerie chanting and Kashmere lets rip over this with his braggadocious side. This track has been around for a while since Ghost used to give it away free on CDR's at jams and the like. As a result Ghost has been getting constant hassle over when it will be released and it's a relief to finally see it on wax! B1 Vice/Verses (feat. Yungun aka Essa, Conspicuous & Jazz T) (Radio) In contrast with the A-side this is on a pure summer tip. Ghost shows us his musical side with all sorts of layers of sound including flutes, strings, some sax and more. Both Yungun and Conspicuous (from The Colony) drop some conscious lyrics and Jazz T (former ITF Champ/member of Diversion Tactics) drops some tight cuts. A test pressing of this was passed to Excalibah at 1Xtra and he was so impressed he played it 7 weeks in a row. B3 Exactly (Remix) (feat. Asaviour & Verb T) (Radio) This track was first released on the Ghost Stories 12 and here Ghost gives us a second version with a new vibesy beat. This is a deeply melodic track with a classic hip hop feel. As soon as he finished the track, Ghost felt the original lyrics from Exactly would fit and boy do they fit! Nice! Ghost's remixing skills are quite well known on the scene since he has been giving out CDR's of his remixes in recent years. This concept will be taken even further in 2005 as Ghost releases a Mix CD and builds towards an LP in (out late 2005/early 2006). The Mix CD will feature a number of remixes alongside some of Ghosts influences and classic bangers. A video has been recorded for the remix of Exactly. We are expecting this to be aired on Channel U and Indelible (on MTV Base) as well as numerous underground hip hop websites.