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Color Climax - Jigsaw/Crossfire

Color Climax


Breakin Bread

Released: 30th June 2008 | 2 track funk single
BREAKIN BREAD continue to push their brand of DIRTY, BEATBREAKIN' FUNK AND HIP HOP with a 7 from Color Climax Color Climax are one of the UK's top funk bands. They first emerged on Breakin Bread Records in 2000 and they have released 3 7 45rpm singles to critical acclaim. Their sound is a mixture of production and straight up live funk. They play live as a 4 piece and sometimes they add sampled elements. Their last single (Batidas Latinas b/w Crabwalk) came out in 2002 and is the labels biggest selling 7 to date. Since that release the band took a break to work on their live sound, but they are now back with another killer 7. Side A Jigsaw This is an uptempo, double bass and flute driven monster of a tune pinned down by furious b-boy style drums. Incorporating samples with live flute and guitar, this is another side to Color Climax and a departure from the heavy funk sound they have been touring with as a live band. This tune is destined to gain a loyal following on the more discerning dancefloors nationwide and will definitely rock b-boy jams worldwide. Side B Crossfire The flipside Crossfire is a psych-funk hammond beast of a tune inspired by the uk library music scene from the late 60's. Think KPM, De Wolfe Alan Hawkshaw. It features Color Climax's trademark Hammond organ sound and explosive fuzz guitar. Cautious of not making another 'funk 45' this tune comes across as psychedelic-flamenco-funk meets The Coventry!