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Ghost - Seldom Seen Often Heard


Seldom Seen Often Heard

Breakin Bread

Released: 30th June 2008 | 17 track crossover rap/hip-hop album
A hip-hop producer and DJ of over ten years experience, Ghost's first 12, Ghost Stories, came out in 2002 and introduced Ghost's deeply musical approach. He developed his blueprint of hip hop with a nod to the past and an eye firmly on the future as 2 more singles followed on Breakin Bread and a number of his productions for MC's came out on other labels (Lowlife, Receptor, Suspect-Packages). We struggle to describe his style because Ghost's production refuses to be categorised. It's got that Boom Bap feel, it's deep and layered, it's bringing a new edge to the scene and it's just dope. Along the way Ghost has picked up a strong following who buy everything he does and he's gained DJ support from the likes of Mr Scruff, Skitz, Excalibah, Steve Lamacq, Semtex, and a host of international DJ's. Kashmere, Verb T and Asaviour (Lowlife, Silent Soundz, Pepa and Receptor)are with us for most of the ride as they feature on 6 tunes. The first is the albums title track (a brooding menace of a tune) and other highlights include The Payoff (a feelgood tune and one of the best selling hip hop 12s of 2005), Better Tomorrow (a deep headnodder with a message) and Invisible Inc (a dark track laced with messages that introduce a new crew to the scene). Ghost shows us it's not all about a stereotyped hip hop sound on a few of the tracks. He joins forces with Abstract Rude from California on the uptempo Basic Instinct (a look at what makes us tick) and he takes us into summer vibes on Talk To Me where he's brought in Devorah for some beautiful vocals. There's even a straight up instrumental in Roundtrip.