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Various Artists - Dirtybeatbreakinfunkandhiphop Vol 1

Various Artists

Dirtybeatbreakinfunkandhiphop Vol 1

Breakin Bread

Released: 30th June 2008 | 4 track funk single
This 12 contains 4 tracks from Breakin Bread's forthcoming compilation (out February 2007) The South London Collective have been pushing their brand of funk, hip hop and anything in between since they started a club night in a pub in Brixton in 1998. The crew headed by Skeg and Rob Life are still running the club and have set up a record label and released numerous 7s, 12s, CD's and LP's to critical acclaim. This will be the labels second compilation, the first The Deadly 7 Sins was released in 2001 and went on to sell over 10,000 copies worldwide. This release brings together the best of the single releases since 2001 plus a few brand new tracks. This 12 contains 4 tracks showcasing the sound of the compilation and shows the vibe that the Breakin Bread Crew take to the jams they play all over the world. A1 - Keno 1 & The Hermit - Heavy Heavy The 12 kicks off with Keno 1 and the Hermit aka Natural Self and Nostalgia 77 who give us Heavy Heavy. This tune has so far only been available on 7 and it's been a constant seller cos it's just so f***ing hard. This was the first record released by Natural Self on Breakin Bread and he's gone on to release a number of 12s and his debut album on the label. The 7 pressing of this sold out a couple of years ago so its good to have this available again. A2 - Beats In Progress/Kashmere/DPF - Trouble Tufkut the force behind Beats in Progress has practically retired to family life now but we managed to entice one more track out him and what a belter it is! Trouble shows his mischievous side as Kashmere and DPF trade tales. Funky hip hop with amusing lyrics proving UK hip hop isn't all doom and gloom. B1 - Ill Boogs - Gypsy Rock (Go - Off Re-edit) The Breakin Bread club night represent all elements of hip hop and breakdancers turn up wherever the crew play around the world, so they had to have a b-boy track up on here and Ill Boogs of the Sinstars and Born To Rock B-boy crews did it for them. Gypsy Rock is an uptempo disco drums workout that never fails to rock the circle. The original of this was released on a 7 in early 2006 and quickly sold out. Since then it's been played at B-boy jams all over the world inspiring Ill Boogs to knock up this re-edit. Finally on a 12 so the b-boy DJ's can rock the doubles. B2 - Boogaloo-Lotari vs Smooth - Sweat Side The crew have met loads of really cool people on their travels around the funkier side of the world funk and hip hop scenes in France they met DJ Boogaloo & Lotari who contributed the sublime Sweat Side. Funky, midtempo beats with a chilled vibe and someone you might recognise on the vocals. So there's your taster for the forthcoming compilation. British music made for the dancefloor and walkman (sorry, MP3 player!) Enjoy!