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Color Climax & The Abdominal Showmen - Dirtybeatbreakinfunkandhiphop Vol 2

Color Climax & The Abdominal Showmen

Dirtybeatbreakinfunkandhiphop Vol 2

Breakin Bread

Released: 30th June 2008 | 5 track funk single
The compilation Dirtybeatbreakinfunkandhiphop brought together the best of the single releases since 2001 plus a few brand new tracks. 2 tracks from the album that got really good reactions across the board from press and radio were the contributions from Color Climax and The Abdominal Showmen. Now both tracks are available on 12 with remixes and instrumental versions. Side A - Color Climax A1 - Batidas Latinas (Remix) A2 - Crabwalk A3 - Batidas Latinas (Original) Color Climax contributed a few tracks to the compilation but Batidas Latinas from our best selling 7 got more props than any other track. The original version is a nice funky latinesque number. Perfect for the Summer! However, the band (a 4 piece from Coventry), were never completely happy with the original so here they've remixed it, with heavier drums, a guitar workout and completely changed arrangement. Heavy dancefloor ish! We've also thrown in Crabwalk from the B side of the original Batidas Latinas 7 (now completely sold out!). The drum breaks on this track have made it a b-boy classic so its nice to have this on a 12 for those DJ's that like to spin back 2 copies. Side AA - The Abdominal Showmen AA1 - Organic (Vocal) AA2 - Organic (Instrumental) The Abdominal Showmen are a band from Edinburgh who play an amazing live set but have yet to release anything on vinyl. They passed a demo CD to Rob Life when he was playing up there about 3 years ago. As soon as we played the CD, we realised these guys were onto something different. The Showmen are a 6 piece band with a rapper on the vocals. The music they make is incredible. Heavy on the drums and bass with some quirky Korg keyboard action these guys demand another listen. We played a few tracks in clubs and on radio when deciding what to do with their material and we got a lot of feedback about the amazing music the Scottish rapper. His accent is a bit too difficult for some people to accept but give it a listen and you'll hear he's got good skills and flow and has written an amazing tale about finding some seeds whilst rummaging through underwear in a charity shop. These seeds give birth to a new species and the rest of the story is something I'll leave you to have a listen to. Deep! For those that can't get with the vocals we've also included an instrumental version. Check the music on this and we challenge you not to tap your toes! All the feedback we got from the compilation was that it was an interesting varied listen. We hope you'll agree that this 12 takes that variety a bit further. Enjoy! If you're interested in finding a shop near you that stocks Breakin' Bread releases or wish to enquire about our distribution please contact