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Color Climax - Disque O Heights/Pa Coco Solo

Color Climax

Disque O Heights/Pa Coco Solo

Breakin Bread

Released: 30th June 2008 | 4 track disco single
Color Climax are one of finest musical forces to come out of Coventry's since Ska ruled in the 80's. They have been consistently putting out music and gigging to become one of the UK's top funk/disco/latin bands. They first emerged on Breakin Bread Records in 2000 and they have released 4 7 45rpm singles to critical acclaim. Their sound is a mixture of live and digitally produced music. They play live as a 4 piece and sometimes they add sampled elements. They recently supported DJ Format on a UK tour and they got such a good reaction that they were encouraged to finally finish a full album (it's only taken them 7 years!) Side A Disque O Heights Here the band party like it's 1979 with a slice of sublime space boogie. It is a synth and string laden break-heavy ghetto disco groove with plenty of appeal for B-Boys and seasoned clubbers alike. They've enlisted the help of an ancient ARP Syntheseiser (recovered from a skip) and the talents of the local school string quartet for this unique take on music intended for todays modern discotheque. Side AA Pa Coco Solo This track is more than deserving of the often over used description 'the perfect summer tune'. Its infectious Latin Funk rhythms and jazzy guitar, combined with budget speaker blowing brass, create a dance floor monster. Buena Vista Social Club this aint! Open minded Hip Hop and Funk, as well as Latin and Brazilian DJ's should have no problem incorporating this into their sets. Global dancefloor mayhem ensues... Both tracks come with dope drum-a-pellas for the break heads and DJ's who like to push their sets a little deeper