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Ghost - It's All Love/Ying Yang


It's All Love/Ying Yang

Breakin Bread

Released: 30th June 2008 | 2 track alternative rap/hip-hop single
BREAKIN BREAD continue to push their brand of ALL THINGS FUNKY with a stunning change in direction from one of the UK's top hip hop producers. Ghost's first 12, Ghost Stories, came out in 2002 and introduced Ghost's deeply musical approach. He developed his blueprint of hip hop with a nod to the past and an eye firmly on the future. 2 more singles followed on Breakin Bread and a number of his productions for MC's came out on other labels (Lowlife, Receptor, Suspect-Packages). Each of his releases has garnered critical acclaim as well as strong sales. This run of form was topped off with the seminal album Seldom Seen Often Heard released in March 2006. After Sway this album was the best selling UK hip hop album of that year and it gained Ghost props worldwide with his challenging, cerebral, and melancholy music. We struggle to describe his style because Ghost's production refuses to be categorised. It's got that Boom Bap feel, it's deep and layered, it's bringing a new edge to the scene and it's just dope. He's gained DJ support from the likes of Zane Lowe, Mr Scruff, Skitz, Excalibah, Gilles Peterson, Semtex, and a host of international DJ's. Ghost is now regarded as one of UK hip hop's premier producers and has picked up a strong following who buy everything he does. In 2007 Ghost has been working hard on promoting his music by touring all over the UK and Europe. He entered and almost won Glastonbury's unsigned talent contest, earning himself a set at the festival and an inclusion of his track Basic Instinct on their 2007 compilation. In between gigs he's been working on a number of projects that will see the light of day in 2008. He's also been asked to remix tracks for Nicole Willis (out late Oct 2007)and Bonobo (summer 2007). These remixes hinted at a move away from traditional hip hop boundaries and this 7 shows Ghost is capable of going off in a number of directions. Tracks: A. It's All Love We say……… One For The Dancefloor Ghost says………. 'Its all love' is a good vibes tune, I wanted to step outside of the pigeon holes of being a UK hip hop producer, just to show people what I can do. It's a mish mash of northern soul, surf, hip hop, whatever! Basically if you like to have fun, dance and don't take yourself too seriously you'll probably get down with it B. Ying Yang Here Ghost comes up with something completely unexpected, with a dreamy soundscape and a 4/4 beat …….. again I wanted to show what I can do, it's still quite a Ghost 'sound' but to an electro ish backdrop rather than Hip Hop. This tune starts like a bad day on mushrooms, only to progress into some dreamy strings and a rolling bass. Stick some breakbeats in to spice it up and you have something We hope you agree that this shows that Ghost has a few other arrows he can string to his bow and it takes him away from his hip hop roots towards dance music fans in general. Ghost emerged from the UK hip hop scene and will always produce hip hop but he's certainly not limited to that genre...