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DJ Zeph - Batidas Latinas
CD Album
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DJ Zeph

Batidas Latinas

Breakin Bread

Released: 7th June 2010 | 32 track alternative rap/hip-hop album
Breakin Bread continue their series of underground mix CDs with a mix CD made for the summer from one of Cali's top beatsmiths DJ Zeph. In this digital age the humble mix CD is coming into its own. Whilst sales of physical albums continue to fall the mix CD market has held its own in the last couple of years. Perhaps this is because mix CD's are works of art in their own right and albums and their individual tracks are easily downloadable and played on any device. Mix CD's take a bit longer to download and not all players can deal with them. Fed up with gaps between the mixed tracks? Finished your journey before the end of the mix? Lost your place in the mix? Buy a CD and go old school! Dope artwork and info comes with the music. You know it makes sense. The mix kicks off with a slow atmospheric intro and implores you to dance, just before it drops into party music from Track 2. For the next 70 minutes Zeph takes you on a ride thru beats, rhymes, rhythms and pure flavour. Latin songs are dropped over hop hop beats, raps are dropped over latin numbers and its all done as if the performance is live. Watch out for the vocal drops that only a hip hop DJ with a proper feel for the clubs could come up with. There's also a drums section which indulges the listener into some of the deeper tropical percussion sounds as well as giving the b-boys some action with perfect breaks for the circle. This is sure to become the soundtrack to many a barbecue and festival. Zeph's skills as a hip hop DJ come to the fore as he drops in cuts, samples, loops and holds everything together as if he was DJing live for you whilst trying and succeeding in keeping the crowd on the dancefloor. You might not know half of the music on this CD but you sure will want to move. This is the sound of the summer!