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The Killer Meters - Rainbow Of Love
12" Vinyl
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The Killer Meters

Rainbow Of Love

Breakin Bread

Released: 3rd May 2010 | 5 track disco single
Following the underground success the Breakin Out album released in late 2009, The Killer Meters drop another single with remixes aimed directly at the dancefloor. Breakin' Out surprised their fans and the worldwide soul/funk scene by moving on from standard covers to a new hybrid of psychedelic soul/funk/rock. They even sneaked a disco/soul track Rainbow Of Love onto the end of the album. They've been gigging around the UK and Europe promoting the album and Rainbow Of Love has become one of their best received tracks. This surprised the band, as the track whilst related to the soul/funk of the rest of the album, they thought funk aficionados might turn their noses up at a bit of four to the floor action. Very few soul bands today can master a genre and then expand into other territories whilst remaining true to their roots. The Killer Meters can and they have. This 12 adds to their formidable array of styles. The original version on the album kicks in with a solid disco beat and frisky guitar hooks before Karime lets rip and the band follow her into anthem territory. The keyboard comes to the fore for the chorus bridge and then the band just jam. You can hear why this works so well live. Hands in the air styles! Californian producer and B-boy DJ Zeph has been a fan of the Breakin Bread sound for years and as soon as he got a promo copy of the album he called up and almost begged to do an edit of Rainbow Of Love. His edit is a take on the rock/dance sound that is so big on West Coast USA right now. He brings the drums to the fore, extends the build up and strips the rest of the track right down to the basics. Proper b-boy ish! Breakin Bread's other funk band Color Climax couldn't resist doing a full funk remix. Their mix takes the disco out and adds the full flavoured funk. Deep basslines and some crafty vocal chops give the track a whole new feel for those who prefer their funk to four to the floor disco. Virgil Howe is the drummer and producer behind the Killer Meters and he gives us the last two mixes. The disco version takes the Atmosphere break and twists it beautifully. The breaks mix digs into the b-boy disco vaults to produce a megamix. All songs have been tried and tested on the Breakin Bread dancefloor and they all get the crowd proper hyped. It's time to let some other people get their hands on these mixes!